URBAN's fund for education and science

Andris Urbans

Andris Urbans is the founder of "URBAN's fund for education and science". 

Andris believes that everything in our lives is based on knowledge, therefore he wants to establish educational centres all over the world. These centres would be suitable for children, teenagers and parents who want to develop themselves, realize their ideas and improve their mutual relationships.

The fastest and the most efficient way to obtain knowledge is to learn by doing. Therefore children would not be tied to one field of action every day - they could decide whether they want to draw, practise their presentation skills, form figures from clay, make scientific experiments, etc. Thus, children could learn some necessary skills, find out what they like, open their potential and develop their natural talents. 

We know that sometimes teenagers and their parents experience a lack of communication and therefore a barrier between them is created. Andris is a father himself, therefore he understands how important this problem is. In these centres, it would be possible for teenagers to spend their free time, learn something new, meet new soulmates or simply hide from the rest of the world for a while. It would be also possible for them to meet professional psychologists and mentors with whom to talk and realize potential.

Andris as a consultant has experienced, that parents often do not know how to communicate correctly with their children. Therefore, he wants to improve this situation by educating parents on this topic. He also wants to support young families and couples who are still waiting for their baby. In these centres, they would be taught everything useful for the upcoming parenthood, therefore ensuring that they know everything that they need to feel secure for their future. 

With his initiative, he wants to make the society better, more educated and happier in general. He wants to see people living in wellbeing and prosperity.